Dogue Information

These pages have been created to provide those wanting to learn more about this fabulous breed some additional information, some of which has never previously been published.
Some of it is a "work in progress". If you are able to add more information or photographs, please contact me so I can add to the particular story.
We have reproduced the FCI Breed Standard, which is the Standard used in Australia, and included an essential diagram.
The "History of the Breed" in Australia looks at the first fifteen (15) Dogues to be registered in the Australia and their legacy.
The "Black Mask" page outlines some of the debates about mask colour over the past century, discusses how black mask dogues should be judged and also discussed the genetics of breeding with black masks.
The "Black Masks in Australia" page notes the progress and success of the Black Masks in Australia since the first black mask, Ch. Gravin Scherin von Ruflohot (Imp Ndl) was imported by Leo and Robyn Spierenburg of Runderkraal Kennels in 1999.
The "Royal Results" page is just that - the results from the Royal Shows around Australia from approximately 2005 to present. A couple of earlier results are included where the Best of Breed winner is known.
The "Fast Facts" page is a quick reference to who did what and when in Australia.