Nathaniel (Nate)
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Nathaniel z'Orisku (Imp Czech)
Date of Birth:
15 May, 2008
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About Nathaniel
We lost our beloved Nate on Friday 30 September 2011.
I came home from work to find him dead in the kennel run. He was 3 years and 4 months old. An autopsy was performed on the advice of our solicitor. The autopsy found he died as a result of snake bite.
Nate had been living at our home for almost 2 1/2 years. He spent a total of three weeks living with at the kennel of his co-owner who is now at Mt Druit in Sydney. Two of those weeks were when the woman bred her imported female to him. This woman requested semen from him in 2010 but did not follow through on the request and again requested semen via her solicitor in 2011. She was not sent semen from Nate as she did not honnour her part of the agreement on Nate relating to paying her share of his "out of ordinary" expenses and we allege that she has left us many thousands of dollars out of pocket. Although we paid half the purchase price, half the flight and import costs, and fed and looked after Nate, his co-owner registered him in her name only and ignored our repeated written and verbal requests to register him correctly in all co-owners names. To this date he is still incorrectly registered in her name only.
This kennel has not been sent a copy of Nate's autopsy report as she did not pay her share. We were left to pay the full cost which was over $1700. The autopsy was expensive due to the extensive pathology tests we had performed to confirm beyond any doubt that his death was due to snake bite. The autopsy was conducted by an independent veterinarian brought in by the clinic we use specifically to perform the autopsy.
Nate is burried on our property, as this was his home. We laid him to rest under the trees near the kennel and where he can see the house. We hope his happy soul and spirit will stay close to us.
The most recent photos of Nate were taken on 16 April 2011. They include the main photo and two more are below in his photo section.
The photo of Nate standing and playing with the toy chicken was taken approximately 4 weeks after he arrived at our home. The photos taken at our home show what a bit of chiropractic work can do for a dog with a sore back. While yes, he had OCD it caused him little problem and the other kennel both bred to him and wanted semen from him.
If anyone would like more information about Nate, we are more than happy to talk to them. After all, he lived with us for 2 1/2 years.

We cannot thank Libuše Schreiberová of Kennel z'Orisku in the Czech Republic enough for allowing this gorgeous boy to come to Australia to live with us.
Nate had the most outgoing nature I've every seen. He absolutely loved everyone he meet. He was known for standing on his hind legs, putting his front paws on your shoulders and giving you kisses. He was a front seat driver at every opportunity and loved going swimming in the pool. As you can see from the photos below, he also loved helping Keith in the yard.
Nate’'s pedigree has dogs displaying strong breed type on both sides and it was somewhat different to what was then being imported in to Australia.
Nate's sire was Gandalf aus dem Hause Ketosch, a black mask son of BISS/Multi Ch. Dillen van de Paterhoek. Gandalf is a dog I have liked since I first saw photos of him as a puppy and I was thrilled at the opportunity to own his son.
Nate's mother was Amys Czeska de la Tour Gelée, a small female with excellent head type and a strong chin. Amys was the daughter of the beautiful Vendetta de la Tour Gelée.
Nate's sister, No Fear z'Orisku, is an International and Polish Champion, Polish and Lithuanian Youth Champion and World Junior Winner 2009. Nate's neice and No Fear's daughter Maxima Wielki Dunczyk (sired by Niki's half brother, Payk z'Orisku) is already Polish and Lithuanian Youth Champion, Baltic Junior Winner 2011 and Best in Show at the 2011 Netherlands DDB Club Young Dog Day.
Nate has given us a stunning black mask son, Darius. Darius gained his Australian champion title and was the No 1. Dogue de Bordeaux Rising Star for 2010 and was the No. 2 Dogue de Bordeaux on the 2011 Dogsonline Pointscore. He is a multi Class in Group winner.
Nate's red mask daughter Cher has also gained her Australian Champion title and is a multi Class in Group winner.
We miss our Naty terribly. Our home is not the same without his outgoing happy personality. He has given us a wonderful legacy and his memory will live on through his stunning children and equally stunning grandchildren.
RIP gorgeous boy!
Nathaniel's Pedigree
Sire: Gandalf aus dem Hause Ketosch (Gmy) Sire: BISS/Fra/Eur Ch. Dillen van de Paterhoek (Blg) Sire: Fra/Ndl/Bld/Int Ch. Emberez Apollo (UK)
Dam: Bintje van de Paterhoek (Blg)
Dam: Andora aus dem Hause Ketosch (Gmy) Sire: Int/Blg ch. Aluca D´Origine Beaunabuc (Fra)
Dam: Sweet Charity vom Hessenbleek (Gmy)
Dam: Amys Czeska de la Tour Gelée (Fra) Sire: Int Ch. Ulthaar de la Tour Gelée (Fra) Sire: Fra/Blg/Lux Ch. Spike Von Der Villa Kunterbunt (Gmy)
Dam: Sucette De La Tour Gelée (Fra)
Dam: Vendetta de la Tour Gelée (Fra) Sire: Sodium (Fra)
Dam: Roumba de l'Etang sur la Touze (Fra)
Nathaniel's Photo Gallery

My serious look.
Stacking practice.
I've got a big mouth.

Relaxing in clover.
It's more interesting over there.
What do you want?

Playing with the toy chicken.
I'm going to get that chicken.
Nate's head in profile.

Do you want me?
I think I'd better get in and help my dad.
I'm being as helpful as I can.
Nate looking serious.
It's my towel.
Nate at 4 1/2 months.
I've got places to go.
Baby Nate.
Baby Nate.

I've got such a cute baby face.