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We have no puppies at present and no litters planned.

Dogue de Bordeaux puppies are adorable, with their little squishy faces and big feet. Below are some photos of puppies from our previous litters that we hope you will enjoy. As you will see from the photos, we breed both red and black masks.
We donít breed for the sake of breeding or filling orders for puppies. We only breed for ourselves when we want a puppy to show. Hence, we often have 12 months between litters.
We also only sell pet puppies that have been sterilized to prevent unauthorised breeding. This means that boys have a vasectomy and girls a partial spay.
All show and pet puppies are registered with the Canine Control Council (Queensland). Show puppies on the Open Register and pet puppies on the Limited Register. Puppies are also vaccinated and microchipped. All puppies are sold on contract which outlines what we will do if an unforseen health problem occurs.
If you are enquiring about a puppy from us, please donít just send an email saying 'do you have any puppies and how much'. (Yes, we often get emails like that.)
We also ask that you include a phone number that we can ring you on so we can check your enquiry is genuine. Unfortunately, this is necessary as an interstate kennel has multiple email aliases that they use to make puppy enquiries simply to find out other kennel's breeding plans.
It is a big decision to introduce a new member in to your family. Please think about it carefully, and if you then decide that the Dogue de Bordeaux is for you, then be ready to welcome one of the most people orientated, loveable breeds of dogs that you could ever wish to meet.
However, be prepared - they are inside dogs, they hog the bed, they snore, they chew things and yes - they do drool.

Registered Breeder Supply Number: 4100064581
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