Cher's Details
Aust. Ch. Bordogue Shared Secret (AI)
Date of Birth:
25 September, 2009
Hip Score:
Elbow Score:
About Cher
Cher is the only female from the Nate x Shelby litter. With Nate passing away due to snake bite, she is his only daughter.
She is 18 months and 1 day old in the above photo.
She is a nicely structured girl with lovely movement. She reminds us a lot of her half sister Joelle as a youngster. She has a nice chin, good rear angulation and an excellent topline.
Her pedigree is world renowned and contains some of the most influential Dogue families in the world today.
Although usually overshadowed by her brother Darius, Cher's quality is being recognised by judges and she is already a multi Class in Group winner at championship show level.
Cher gains her Australian Championship title in October 2011. Like many of our dogs, she achieves her title with no 6 point challenges. She has beaten other Dogues every time she was awarded challenge points.
For some reason we decided to enter Cher in the 2015 Brisbane Royal. She hadn't been in the showring for 2 years, but we decided to give her a run around the ring. Not only did she perform beautifully, but she walked away with Reserve Challenge bitch to her neice, Lexie. Lexie then took Best of Breed, so Cher went in as the reserve female and walked out of the ring with Runner-up Best of Breed. You can imagine how thrilled we were with the two of them, and then little Poppy took Puppy of Breed. What a day it was!!
We then decided to enter Cher in the 2016 Toowoomba Royal and the two girls repeated the Brisbane Royal result with Lexie taking Best of Breed and Cher taking Runner-up Best of Breed. Not a bad effort for a 6 year old.
Cher's somewhat unusual registered name has caused us some amusement with comments from other kennels regarding "covert operations" and "conspiracy theories". In reality her name is quite innocent.
Her mother, Shelby, came down with mastitis when she was 10 days old and the whole litter needed to be taken off Shelby immediately due to the antibiotics she was on. The other puppies were happy to drink their milk from a bottle, but not Cher. After battling with her for two days, we were desperate and none of the suggestions from very experienced breeders were working. We were told if she didn't work out how to suck from the bottle that night, we were to take her to a friends house the next morning. Next morning, Keith took her over and he hadn't driven half way to work when he received a phone call saying we had one fat, contented puppy, who'd just had a big feed, been given a bath by her new foster mother and who was now asleep with her new brothers and sisters. Cher's foster mother's name was "Secret". So we chose "Shared Secret" as her registered name because she shared "Secret" with Secret's own babies. For that, we are eternally grateful to both "Secret" and her owners and Cher's registered name reflects that!
It is hoped that Cher's qualities will assist us in the continuing pursuit of correct breed type.
We lost Cher on 26 October 2016. I found a single tooth mark on the back of Cher's neck on Friday evening 20 October. The assumption was that her and Korey had been playing rough, however, he had no marks on him. I put Betadine on the tooth mark and put her on Amoxyclav antibiotics. By Saturday lunchtime she had swelling across the back of her neck, so she was taken to the vets and she was also put on Metronidazole. On Sunday the swelling appeard to be going down. However, by Monday afternoon it had increased and we took Cher to the emergency vets. They put her on an IV drip and started her on three types of IV antibiotics. She never responded to the antibiotics and the swelling continued to increase. The specialists recommended we let her go early on the Wednesday morning as the swelling around her neck was starting to impact on her breathing. We would never have believed that a single tooth mark would result in us losing her, as she was such a big, fit, healthy girl. Cher is so sadly missed.
Cher's Pedigree
Sire: Nathaniel z'Orisku (Imp Czech) Sire: Gandalf aus dem Hause Ketosch (Gmy) Sire: BISS/Fra/Eur Ch. Dillen van de Paterhoek (Blg)
Dam: Andora aus dem Hause Ketosch (Gmy)
Dam: Amys Czeska de la Tour Gelée (Fra) Sire: Int Ch. Ulthaar de la Tour Gelée (Fra)
Dam: Vendetta de la Tour Gelée (Fra)
Dam: Aust. Ch. Moloscyg Blond Bombshell Sire: Ch Laruscades Hugo (Imp UK) Sire: Int Ch. Bencevary Royal Crown Amadeus (Hun)
Dam: Tanakajd Szepe Mandi (Imp Hun)
Dam: Moloscyg Odessa Sire: Aust. Ch. Zamadeus Garde d'Honneur du Monde (Imp Blg)
Dam: Aust Grand Ch. Laruscades Tazz (Imp UK)
Cher's Show Highlights

Show Date

Show Name


Judge Name (State/Country)

09/04/2016 Toowoomba Royal Show (Championship Show) Runner-up Best of Breed Mr F Pastor (ECU)
25/10/2015 Dog of the Year Committee (Championship Show) Runner-up Best of Breed Mrs E Yerusalimsky (RUS)
04/10/2015 Beaudesert/Maree Kennel Clubs (Championship Show) Best of Breed Mr G Eva (RSA)
15/08/2015 Royal Brisbane Show (Championship Show) Runner-up Best of Breed Mr A Savva (CYP)
12/05/2012 Waterloo Bay Kennel Club (Open Show) Best Intermediate in Group Mrs T McNeill (QLD)
16/07/2011 Brunswick Valley Kennel Club (Championship Show) Best Intermediate in Group Mr K Cronchey (VIC)
02/5/2011 Maree Kennel Club (Open Show) Best Open in Group Mrs J Watt (QLD)
20/8/2010 Combined Northern Rivers Kennel Club (Championship Show) Best Puppy in Group Mrs D Baillie (VIC)
1/8/2010 Dubbo & District Kennel Club (Championship Show) Best Puppy in Group Mrs H Beasley (NSW)
2/5/2010 Burnett Kennel Club (Championship Show) Best Minor Puppy in Group Mr D Staines (QLD)
Cher's Photo Gallery

Watching the sheep dog trials.
Gee those sheep move fast.
Do I really have to stand still?.
I'm sitting so nicely.

More toys to play with.
Sitting on daddy's lap.